Medicare Dental & Vision Services

Medicare Scholar May, 2020 Medicare Dental & Vision Services According to the Medicare & You Handbook, original Medicare does not cover most dental care, dentures, and eye exams related to prescribing glasses. Let’s review what Medicare does cover and where can you find additional assistance for these important services. Covered … Read more

How does Medicare Part B work?

Medicare Deductibles & Co-Insurance For 2020 MEDICARE PAYS YOU PAY DEDUCTIBLE NOTHING $198 a Year APPROVED CHARGES 80% 20% EXCESS CHARGES at least 15% of above NOTHING ALL COST! (All charges above what Medicare approves) Sections in Red are covered by a Medicare Supplement Plan. LTDT Insurance is happy to help you with selecting a … Read more

How does Medicare Part A work?

Medicare Deductibles & Co-pays For 2020 DAYS IN HOSPITAL MEDICARE PAYS YOU PAY 1-60  days All But $1408 (EVERY 60 Days!) 61-90 All But $352 Per Day 91-150** All But $704 Per Day 151+ NOTHING ALL COST! ** Life Time Reserved Skilled Nursing Care Co-pays For 2020 DAYS IN REHAB … Read more

Medicare Scholar – APRIL 2020

This will be a monthly Medicare topic we will be doing for you to understand Medicare. This months topic is “Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage“ For more information or if you have any other questions, contact us at (239) 260-0160 or go to contact us page.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Medicare

These five ways to get the most out of your Medicare, can help you keep costs down while getting good care. They might even help you live longer and better! DID YOU KNOW: Healthcare costs make up about 17% of our country’s entire GDP, concerning many of us with having access … Read more

Medicare 101

LTDT Insurance helps you make the best decision when choosing your Florida Medicare Insurance.  We bring ease to the Medicare Insurance process, allowing you to understand how Medicare works and helping you find the Medicare Insurance plan that’s right for you. We provide free assistance, so you don’t have to learn … Read more

Understanding Medicare & Your Options

Many qualify for Medicare but don’t realize that they have options when it comes to choosing the plan that works best for their situation. LTDT Insurance is here to help you through the process.  Here are a few things to consider: ORIGINAL MEDICARE & SUPPLEMENTAL POLICIES  Medicare is a major part of every … Read more

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