LTDT Insurance was started in 2013 by Luis Tornes Jr who in his second career, wanted to do something in memory of his mom.  She suffered from cancer in the mid-90s and took her to the doctor’s offices for her treatments and office visits.  He discovered that Medicare was not what he thought it was. It was confusing to him and his mom. 

After a long career with the local phone company, Luis retired and formed LTDT Insurance to honor his mom.  He specialized in Medicare.  However, he does life, health and retirement plans with just as much enthusiasm. 

The company has grown since 2013 and now has a great team of agents working with him.  The only requirement that Luis has is to “treat clients like they are part of the family”. Luis always says, “Take care of the people and the people will take care of you.”  You will find this with all our agents. 

We are in Southwest Florida, but we work in the entire state.  You can reach us by phone, email or text.  We will be happy to come out to visit you or we can meet virtually.  It is your choice. 

LTDT Staff

Luis (Louie) Tornes Jr, Founder and Lead Insurance Agent:

Office Number (239) 260-0160 Ext 101
Mobile (941) 258-4777
Email: luist@ltdtinc.com

Luis is originally from New York where he attended school.  He graduated from Bishop Dubois H.S. in 1973.  Was blessed with a beautiful daughter.  Moved to Miami, FL where he worked for 31 years with the local phone company until he retired in 2011.  During this time, he met his wonderful wife and married her in 2001.  Along with her children, we have a great family.  We are also blessed with 2 beautiful grandchildren.

In 2012, we moved to North Port, FL and studied and obtained his insurance license.  Eventually, moved to Cape Coral, FL where he presently lives. 

Luis has helped many people to get life and health insurance.  He has also helped others to plan for retirement.  He is a facilitator for Medicare Journey. He speaks English and Spanish.

Ginette Escudero, Independent Insurance Agent:

Office Number (239) 260-0160 Ext 102
Mobile (239) 645-1770
Email: ginette@ltdtinc.com

Bios to come soon

She speaks English and Spanish.

Norven Lores Parra, Independent Insurance Agent:

Office Number (239) 260-0160 Ext 103
Mobile (239) 828-3642

Bios to come soon

He speaks English and Spanish.

Erika Ramirez Rodriguez, Independent Insurance Agent:

Office Number (239) 260-0160 Ext 104
Mobile (239) 826-5774

A new and upcoming agent who understand Medicare well.

She speaks Spanish.

Bill Howell, Independent Insurance Agent:

Office Number (239) 260-0160 Ext 105
Mobile (727) 686-2574

Bios to come soon

He speaks English.


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